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Top 20 Interior Design Companies in Pune


Welcome to our curated list of premier Interior Design companies in Pune, where innovation meets elegance, and spaces are transformed into reflections of personal style. Pune, a city known for its rich cultural heritage and modern outlook, is home to a myriad of talented interior designers and firms dedicated to creating stunning and functional living and working spaces.

In this compilation, we present a carefully curated selection of interior design experts who have made their mark in Pune’s dynamic design landscape. From contemporary and minimalistic designs to opulent and traditional aesthetics, these companies showcase a diverse range of styles, ensuring that there’s a perfect fit for every taste and preference.

Discover the passion and creativity that Pune’s interior design scene has to offer. Whether you’re looking to revamp your home, office, or commercial space, the following list provides a glimpse into the extraordinary talent and expertise available in the city. Let this guide be your gateway to transforming your spaces into expressions of your unique personality and lifestyle.

The List of Interior Design Companies in Pune :

Design Cafe
Design Cafe, founded by award-winning architects Shezaan Bhojani & Gita Ramanan, boasts over two decades of national and international design experience. As one of the prominent Interior Design companies in Pune, DesignCafe has successfully crafted over 10,000 homes nationwide, with their designs featured in more than 30 global publications. Positioned for expansion, DesignCafe aims to be the most recognized and trusted brand for home interiors in India.

Decor My Place

Decor My Place, with over 25 years of expertise, stands as a distinguished name among Interior Design companies in Pune. Their commitment to crafting exquisite living and working spaces is evident in their portfolio. Meanwhile, KAM’S DESIGNER ZONE, established in 2007, is a Pune-based Interior Design Firm specializing in turnkey project management and exclusive interior design services. With a team of innovative minds, they aspire to create cost-effective and inspiring designs, aiming to be a top-notch interior design company in the region.


KAM’S DESIGNER ZONE is an Interior Design Firm headquartered at Pune established in the year of 2007 having professional practice in Interior Design, Architecture and Landscape Designing that offers turnkey project management and exclusive interior design services.We are a group of innovative minds eager to take creative challenges and providing wide range of design ideas for developing residential spaces in all over India. We approach each project with a holistic vision! We desire to create cost-effective designing wonders that are reflection of the people living in those spaces. We transform houses into warm & inviting beautiful homes. Our designs are ever evolving and inspiring. We strive towards excellence and becoming the top-most interior design company in the region.

Basil Homes

Basil Homes, among the notable Interior Design companies in Pune, is dedicated to offering comprehensive solutions for all your décor needs. With a collective vision to enhance your living spaces, the team is committed to understanding that your home is a reflection of your identity. Basil Homes strives to be your partner in transforming houses into personalized and inviting homes.

Alacritys | Architect & Interior Designer

Alacritys, a prominent name among Interior Design companies in Pune, stands as a versatile team of Architects, Designers, and Developers. Their approach involves dedicating time and expertise to comprehensively understand the requirements, lifestyle, and culture of clients before embarking on any design projects, ensuring a tailored and thoughtful design process.


Founded in 1987, Cherry Hill Interiors Pvt. Ltd has emerged as a prominent player among Interior Design companies in Pune, offering comprehensive occupancy services. Evolving from a startup to a technology-led limited company, it boasts a nationwide presence, multiple ISO certifications, and a robust credit rating ranking among the top 1.5 percentile, showcasing rapid growth and excellence.


Sovereign Architects, a notable presence among Interior Design companies in Pune, is led by Mrs. Vaishali Kawalkar, a dynamic professional with a keen passion for architecture, design, and art. With a degree from LAD College of Architecture in Nagpur, she embarked on her journey in 2001. Over the years, she has contributed significantly to diverse projects, including the likes of DLF IT Park Pune and Gobind Multi Trade Company, demonstrating a commitment to innovative and client-centric designs.

Meekan Interio

Meekan Interio, a distinctive name among Interior Design companies in Pune, is fueled by creativity and a commitment to uniqueness. Their continuous effort to stay at the forefront of interior design reflects a belief that designs are the embodiment of one’s dreams. With a philosophy focused on shaping ideas into reality, the firm excels in turning visions into tangible dreams through meticulous planning and implementation.

Jagruti Design Studio

Jagruti Kothawade, a prominent figure among Interior Designers in Pune, boasts over a decade of experience in crafting beautiful homes and offices. Having collaborated with established architects and international design firms, she established Jagruti Design Studio in 2011. For Jagruti, design is not just a passion but an obsession that permeates every aspect of her life. Her distinctive aesthetic style involves utilizing contrasts to create defining accents and introducing unexpected splashes of color to elevate each space.

Intezine Lifestyles Pvt. Ltd

In the dynamic realm of interior design, innovative processes and technology are reshaping the landscape, promising a fusion of functional living and aesthetic design. Yet, a vast majority of aspirational buyers are confined to archaic business models and processes for achieving their decor aspirations. Interior Design companies in Pune are at the forefront, bridging this gap to bring contemporary design solutions to a broader audience.

  • Email ID : hello@intezine.com
  • Phone No : +91 20 2545 4770
  • Website : https://intezine.com/
  • Address : Intezine Lifestyles Pvt. Ltd.,8, Bhalchandra Apt, Nal Stop, Karve Road,Pune, Maharashtra, India – 411004.

Citi Design Studio

Citi Design Studio stands out among Interior Design companies in Pune, offering premier interior design services for both residential and commercial spaces. Specializing in various styles such as traditional, classic, modern, rustic, contemporary, country, formal, or casual homes, the studio provides customized space improvement services. A one-stop solution for interior decor needs, Citi Design Studio transforms aspirations into reality, creating personalized homes for a lifetime of happy living.


Livspace, co-founded by college friends Anuj Srivastava and Ramakant Sharma, emerged from their pursuit to design dream homes and address industry challenges. Recognizing the fragmented nature of the interior design sector, they established Livspace in 2014. A leading name among Interior Design companies in Pune, Livspace is now a trusted brand, providing complete home interior design and renovation, ensuring a seamless and joyful experience for homeowners.

Design Decor is the Best Interior Designers

Ranked as the Best Interior Designers in Pune, The Design Decor is a comprehensive interior and exterior design firm founded in 2015. Distinguished among Interior Design companies in Pune, it excels in both residential and commercial design, offering full-service solutions to cater to diverse aesthetic and functional needs.

Manish Shah & Associates

Established in Pune in 1996 by Principal Architect Manish Shah, Manish Shah & Associates is a dynamic firm among Interior Design companies in Pune. Comprising young, creative professionals, the firm thrives on new challenges. Their diverse portfolio spans bungalows, institutional, commercial, residential, hospitals, and industrial buildings. Specializing in interior design, the firm is dedicated to delivering unique and exceptional outputs for projects of varying scales and sizes.

Aureleo Interior

Aureleo Interior, a leading name among Interior Design companies in Pune, specializes in high-end residential designs, bungalows, and commercial spaces. Founded in 2013 by dynamic duo Mr. Shuubhaam Bankar and Ms. Mamata Choudharry, the firm is a hub of innovation and creativity. Committed to transforming spaces into beloved homes, Aureleo Interior brings creative innovation to each project, reflecting clients’ unique personalities with exceptional results.

Akruti Interiors

Akruti Interiors, a prominent player among Interior Design companies in Pune, prioritizes relationships as much as the profession of interior design. Founded on a philosophy of delivering practical, attractive, and innovative designs, the success of Akruti Interiors is anchored in high-quality technical documentation, ensuring excellence in every project for their clients.

Nitesh Interior

Nitesh Interior, a significant player among Interior Design companies in Pune, emphasizes the significance of interior work as a pivotal investment. Specializing in both residential and commercial interior projects, as well as model home merchandising, the firm is dedicated to ensuring a guaranteed commitment to excellence for every client’s project.


INSD, a trailblazer in design education, plays a pivotal role in bridging the gap between academia and the industry. Focused on developing the Indian Design Industry, INSD Kothrud leverages the hidden talents, passion, dedication, and innovation of today’s youth. Committed to quality education, the institute sets high academic standards, provides hands-on learning experiences, and offers entrepreneurial programs to meet the industry’s current needs. INSD also encourages start-ups, guiding individuals toward successful businesses during their study at the International School of Design.

  • Email ID : info@insdindia.com
  • Phone No : 78878 36661
  • Website : https://insdindia.com/
  • Address : 278, Suyog Plaza, JM Road, Land mark, Above Mc Donald’s, Deccan Gymkhana, Pune, Maharashtra – 411004.

Poonam Shende Studios

Poonam Shende Studios stands as one of the premier residential interior design firms, boasting international projects and a strong focus on Pune (Maharashtra). Among the leading Interior Design companies in Pune, our team comprises professional and energetic individuals, including talented designers and experienced managers. We are dedicated to guiding clients through the flawless and timely execution of any residential design project.

Ashish Sachade

Established in 1994, Unison Designs, led by Ar. Ashish Sachade, prioritizes functionality in design with a core philosophy of “UTILITY FIRST.” Graduating with a Silver Medal from Marathwada Mitra Mandal’s College of Architecture, Ar. Sachade has successfully handled diverse residential and commercial projects. Among Interior Design companies in Pune, Unison Designs adopts a holistic approach, specializing in fast execution and coordinated project delivery within budget for projects including bungalows, apartments, showrooms, offices, hotels, and developer projects.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Q1: Why hire a professional interior design company?
A: Professional interior designers bring a wealth of expertise, creativity, and industry knowledge to the table. They can envision and execute designs that not only enhance aesthetics but also optimize functionality.

Q2: How do I choose the right interior design company for my project?
A: Consider factors such as the firm’s portfolio, client testimonials, design philosophy, and communication style. Schedule consultations to discuss your vision and gauge their understanding and compatibility with your requirements.

Q3: What services do interior design companies in Pune typically offer?
A: Services may include space planning, furniture selection, color consultations, lighting design, and project management. Many firms offer comprehensive solutions to cater to various aspects of interior design.

Q4: What is the estimated cost of hiring an interior design company in Pune?
A: Costs vary based on the scope and complexity of the project, as well as the reputation and experience of the design firm. It’s advisable to discuss budget expectations during the initial consultations.

Q5: How long does an interior design project usually take?
A: The duration depends on the project’s size and complexity. A clear timeline, including design development, approvals, and implementation, is typically established during the project planning phase.

Explore the world of interior design in Pune, and embark on a transformative journey with these skilled professionals.



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