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Top 10 ACCA Institutes in Mumbai


Welcome to our comprehensive guide to ACCA (Association of Chartered Certified Accountants) course providers in the vibrant city of Mumbai. As the financial hub of India, Mumbai offers a plethora of opportunities for individuals aspiring to pursue a career in accountancy and finance. The ACCA qualification is globally recognized and sought after, opening doors to a wide range of professional prospects.

In this curated list, we bring you a compilation of reputable ACCA course companies in Mumbai. These institutions are known for their commitment to excellence in education, providing top-notch training and support to help students navigate the rigorous ACCA curriculum. Whether you are a fresh graduate eager to embark on a rewarding career or a seasoned professional looking to enhance your skills, the ACCA courses offered by these institutes are tailored to meet your needs.

Embark on a transformative journey towards becoming a qualified and competent finance professional with the help of these ACCA course providers in Mumbai. Explore the unique offerings of each institute to find the perfect fit for your educational and career aspirations.

The List of ACCA Institutes That Offer ACCA Classes In Mumbai :

FPA Edutech

Embark on a transformative educational journey in Mumbai with FPA EduTech, where the ACCA course is offered to elevate careers in accounting and finance. The comprehensive program promises to provide expertise, enabling individuals to unlock new opportunities in the dynamic realm of finance. Interested individuals are encouraged to join this educational initiative for a valuable learning experience.

  • Email ID : fpa@fpa.edu.in
  • Phone No : 8080809466
  • Website : https://fpa.edu.in/acca-course/
  • Address : 1st & 2nd Floor, Balwantrao Madgaonkar Building, Court Lane,Next to Borivali Court, Above Borivali West Post Office, Borivali (West), Mumbai – 400092

The WallStreet School

The Wall Street School, an esteemed ACCA institute in Mumbai, cultivates global financial leaders through the renowned Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA) certification. ACCAs excel in financial reporting and international accounting standards, making them highly valued assets for international businesses. Our ACCA coaching in Mumbai equips you with the expertise to become a top-tier accounting professional, ensuring both global competence and employability.


EduPristine, an ACCA Gold Partner in Mumbai, offers a globally recognized and highly coveted credential. Our practice-oriented approach, guided by industry professionals, ensures experiential training. Teaming up with Kaplan, Inc., a renowned education provider with 80+ years of history, our comprehensive services include soft skills training and placement assistance for career growth. Join one of the leading ACCA institutes in Mumbai for a transformative educational experience.Email ID : care@edupristine.com

Academics India Pvt Ltd

With a staggering membership of over 228,000 professionals and a student enrollment surpassing half a million globally, the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA) stands as the preeminent body for qualified accountants. Widely recognized in 170+ countries, ACCA collaborates with 300+ institutions worldwide to elevate educational standards. Notably, ACCA Institutes in Mumbai contribute to this global network, further enhancing the esteemed reputation of this renowned organization.

Synthesis Learning

Synthesis Learning, a premier training institution, specializes in comprehensive education within the realms of accounting, finance, and related disciplines. Catering to undergraduates, graduates, and working professionals, we extend tailored learning solutions for major corporations across the Indian Subcontinent. Our diverse course offerings encompass financial reporting, wealth management, capital markets, corporate finance, risk and assurance, taxes, and compliances, alongside supporting verticals. Proudly affiliated with ACCA institutes in Mumbai, we strive to foster growth and expertise across various sectors.


As seasoned educators with a track record of training over 1000 students in Professional Education, our mission is to provide globally certified qualifications to aspiring individuals in Mumbai, particularly focusing on ACCA institutes. Recognizing the evolving global economy, we aim to bridge the talent gap by equipping students with skills essential for workplace productivity. We strive to meet the needs of both candidates seeking optimal positions and companies searching for qualified resources, contributing to the development of a talented and resourceful economy.


Imarticus is dedicated to fostering lifelong learning through cutting-edge technology, ensuring accessibility for our global community. Our mission is to equip individuals for a tech-driven future. As prominent ACCA institutes in Mumbai, we uniquely organize knowledge, offering an innovative approach to education that prepares learners for the evolving demands of today’s society.

Coppergate Educare

Coppergate Educare, a leading educational e-commerce platform tailored for Professional Courses, CA Students, and Academicians, offers the convenience of studying from home through engaging Video Lectures. Boasting a diverse family of over 125 professors, we continuously update and add courses to align with industry demands. Recognizing the evolving landscape, we stand as pioneers, catering to the modern needs of learners, including ACCA institutes in Mumbai.

Kalyan Educational Institute

Kalyan, an ACCA Authorized Training Partner in Mumbai, dedicates itself to guiding students through every facet of their ACCA journey, from coursework to licensing. Our comprehensive services encompass practical and experiential learning, soft skills training, and valuable placement support. As one of the premier ACCA institutes in Mumbai, we are committed to nurturing success at every step.

Zell Education Pvt. Ltd

Zell is dedicated to transforming careers in India by offering affordable and accessible training. Our mission focuses on delivering exceptional education and skill enhancement through strategic partnerships with industry experts and the integration of cutting-edge educational methodologies. Committed to excellence, we aim to provide top-notch learning experiences that empower individuals to excel in their professional endeavors, including ACCA institutes in Mumbai.

  • Email ID : placements@zelleducation.com
  • Phone No : 9967187666
  • Website : https://www.zelleducation.com/
  • Address : ZELL Campus, 602, Eco Space IT Park, Old Nagardas Road, Mogra Village, Natwar Nagar, Andheri East, Mumbai, Maharashtra, 400069

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

    1.What is ACCA?
    ACCA, or the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants, is a globally recognized professional accounting qualification. It equips individuals with the skills and knowledge required for a successful career in finance, accounting, and business.

    2.Why should I pursue ACCA in Mumbai?
    Mumbai, being the financial capital of India, provides a dynamic environment for those pursuing a career in accounting and finance. ACCA courses in Mumbai are designed to align with global standards and cater to the diverse needs of the financial industry.

    3.How do I choose the right ACCA course provider?
    Consider factors such as reputation, faculty expertise, infrastructure, and support services. Researching student reviews and success stories can also provide insights into the quality of education offered.

    4.What career opportunities does ACCA offer?
    ACCA opens doors to various career paths, including roles in auditing, taxation, consulting, and financial management. The qualification is recognized by employers worldwide, enhancing your global career prospects.

    5.Can I pursue ACCA as a working professional?
    Yes, many ACCA course providers in Mumbai offer flexible schedules, including evening and weekend classes, to accommodate working professionals. Online learning options are also available for added convenience.

    Navigate your ACCA journey with confidence by referring to these frequently asked questions and make an informed decision about the best ACCA course provider for your career goals.


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